Our system components

The FatigueM8 system is made up of two (2) major components, the steering wheel mounted ECG module and the on-board compute unit. In the picture below, the steering wheel cover can be seen installed onto the steering wheel of a Kenworth T359A; and dashboard can be seen the FatigueM8 compute unit (this one is pink!).

Installed Fatiguem8 steering wheel cover and compute unit.

The ECG module

The steering wheel mounted ECG module has two (2) forms, the first version is in the form of a customised steering wheel cover (as can be seen in the picture above). The steering wheel cover can be retro-fitted to any truck (or any vehicle) steering wheel. This version allows the drivers ECG signals to be recorded anytime they have two hands on the steering wheel on (on opposite sides of the wheel). Below is a picture of a ready to be installed steering wheel cover, with the ECG sensors ready to be connected.

The alternate version, has our ECG sensors embed into/onto the top of the horn cover and FatigueM8 ECG sensors

FatigueM8 Pad version

The placement of the pads on the horn cover allow for the driver to easily place their index fingers on the sensors and for the ECG to be collected. We recommend that drivers use the pads when the vehicle is stationary.

The Compute Unit

The exterior of the FatigueM8 unit continues to evolve, while the core function and components have remained largely unchanged since our initial prototype was constructed. The picture below shows a collection of version 2 compute units.

The compute unit is responsible for the collation and initial analysis of the various data streams (camera, ECG and GPS). The compute unit uses algorithms and the drivers own bio-baseline to assess the drivers cardiovascular health, along with their fatigue levels. Once the initial data processing and analysis is complete, the compute unit uploads the data into the cloud for further processing and alerting.

The third version of the compute unit contains various improvements and a slightly adjusted physical form. The picture below displays one of our units installed on the dashboard of a Kenworth T408 SAR.

FatigueM8 Version 3.0 installed.

The journey to version 3.0 can be read about in these blog posts…

Stay tuned for more product updates and developments coming soon.